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Cell Connection Basics
Wong / 2011-08-30

Cell Connection Basics

There are two ways that the cells can be connected together. “In Series” is where the positive terminal of one cell is wired to the negative terminal of another cell. With this method, the total voltage of the pack is the sum of the individual cell voltages. For example, a 6-cell NiCd or NiMH pack is made up of cells rated at a nominal 1.2 volts each. When wired in series the total nominal voltage of the pack is the number of cells in the pack (6) multiplied by the voltage of each cell (1.2V in this case) to get the total pack nominal voltage (7.2 volts for this example). This is the most common cell connection method found in the RC hobby.

The second is called “Parallel” where you connect the positive terminal of one cell to the positive terminal of another, and negative terminal of one cell to the negative of another. Wiring cells in Parallel increases the total capacity of the pack but the nominal voltage remains that of a single cell. To figure out the actual end result capacity add the mAh rating (milli-amp hour) of the cells. If you put 2 cells in parallel that are each 2100mAh (commonly referred to as “2P”), multiply 2100 by 2 for a total capacity of 4200mAh.

The number of cells you’ll need and the configuration of them in your battery pack will depend on what you are powering, how much power you need, the amount of space you have to hold that battery pack, and the weight distribution in your vehicle. In some cases your chassis space for a battery pack is not adaptable, so be aware of those constraints before you start. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s specifications. It can also be very helpful to draw out the cell configuration and double check your connections and voltage requirement before you begin assembly.


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  • Anonymous user ( 2014-02-27 00:43:19 )

    I am interested in these cells"High Quality Original Lithium Ion Battery LiFePO4 Battery (A123 32157) ", but I know that we cannot weld them, how make you to assemble them.
    Thank you


    AdministratorHello, Thanks for your message. we can sell you A123 32157 cells with screws, but the screws are welded by ourselves. is it ok?
    Thanks Betty

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