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Your Position: Home > Hard case battery > Little Frog Type 24V9AH LiFePO4 Battery-Pack for 350w E-bike
Little Frog Type 24V9AH LiFePO4 Battery-Pack for 350w E-bike

Little Frog Type 24V9AH LiFePO4 Battery-Pack for 350w E-bike comment rank 5

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  • Little Frog Type 24V9AH LiFePO4 Battery-Pack for 350w E-bike    
Welcome to our A123 RC store. We always offer you good and affordable batteries and accessories. Here 24V9Ah lifepo4 battery pack is designed for e-bikes whose motor wattage is 350W or below. We promise 1 year warranty for this little frog type.
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  • Little Frog Type 24V9AH LiFePO4 Battery-Pack for 350w E-bike    


Little Frog Type Battery-Pack 24V10AH LiFePO4 for 350w E-bike


Inner Size: 70x130x170mm                                              



LiFePO4  (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery is among the best ebike battery choices

available, with its intrinsic advantages over other chemicals: safety, high discharge

current, low capacity loss, super-long cycle life.

1. - LiFePO4 technology, large capacity, non-toxic, never explode.

2. - Super long cycle life and shelf life: 2000+ 100% DOD to 80% capacity or 5 ~7

years life, 3 times as the normal SLA battery, cost-efficient 

3. - Built-in BMS (battery management system) with over-discharge/ over-charge protection and balancing function for each cell in the battery pack




Safety Notes

.Keep the battery pack dry, do not throw it into water or wet it
.Keep the battery pack away from heat sources(like fire or heater)
.Do not throw the battery pack into fire, hit the battery or put the pack nearby the fire
.Hammer or trample the battery is not allowed
.Disassembling the battery or pack by amateurs is not allowed

.When charging, make sure the pack on the condition of turn-off


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