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High qualiry XH Multi-adapter Balance Harness 2S-6S for Charger B6&B8

High qualiry XH Multi-adapter Balance Harness 2S-6S for Charger B6&B8 comment rank 5

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  • High qualiry XH Multi-adapter Balance Harness 2S-6S for Charger B6&B8    
High quality XH the Multi-adapter Balance Harness 2S-6S for the Charger B6 & B8 Proof of the a123 system XH Multi-adapter Balance Harness 2S-6S for the Charger, The Manual of Parallel Charging Board.
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  • High qualiry XH Multi-adapter Balance Harness 2S-6S for Charger B6&B8    

The Manual of Parallel Charging Board
This product is used to connect and charge 1 to 6 batteries in parallel. (including the LiPo, Life and Lion).

Main Features:
1.Convenient to charge and balance up to six lithium batteries at the same time when used with a balance charger.

2.The charging time is significantly reduced since all batteries are balanced at the same time instead of balancing batteries one by one.

3.It can significantly accelerate battery charging speed. Taking six 2.2 Ah LiPo batteries as an example, if the pack is charged one by one at 1C rate (2.2A), typically it will take around six hours.
 When using the parallel charging board to charge all the packs at the same time, the charge rate can be set to 13.2 A (2.2x6=13.2A), and it will take only one hour for the packs to be fully charged
 and balanced.
4.The product is made of high quality parts,all the metal parts of power connectors are plated with 7u gold, andall the cables are made of soft silicon wires.
5.According to the types of battery power connectors and balance head,we are providing different versions:JST-XH/T-plug; JST-XH/EC3; JST-XH/XT60; JST-XH/EC5;Thunder power/T-plug; Thunder power/EC3; Thunder power/XT60; Thunder power/EC5;Hyperion/T-plug;Hyperion/EC3;Hyperion/XT60;Hyperion/EC5.Kokam/EC3;Kokam/EC5;Kokam/T-plug;Kokam/XT60

Use steps:
1.Connect the both sides of a balance cable respectively to the balance port of the balance charger and parallel charging board. Such as the picture:

2.Connect the power port of Parallel Charging Board to the output port of balance charger.

3.Connect batteries to the board. Plug the balance heads firstly, and then connect them to the batteries’ outputs.

If the maximum output current of balance charger is smaller than the value of “I”, please set your charger current to its maximum. The max-current of this parallel charging board is 60A. The charging voltage must be the same, and the capacity and the discharging rate can be set arbitrarily. After several single cell balanced, the voltage will be more balanced and the voltage gap will be smaller.
If just need charge less than 6 batteries in parallel, please put the Housing on the T plug or another plug which being used now. If you do it in this way, it can avoid accident. When the board is charging the batteries, every T plug has electricity.
Given the existing different battery balance heeds in the market, our Parallel Charging Board has four kinds: JST-XH, THUNDER POWER(TP), HYPERION(HP) and EH(KOkam). You can choose one of the above kinds, according to your batteries. But usually JST-XH is used. The function and principle of this four kinds board is the same.



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